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Ellie Waters (b.1992) is a British born artist based between Aotearoa, New Zealand and Northern England. She studied Fine Arts at The University of Canterbury (NZ), graduating with a Post Graduate Diploma in Photography, in 2021. 
With her own history of emigration, through her work she explores notions of home, belonging and how we relate to the lands which we inhabit. She is currently associated with the Ebor Studio group, Greater Manchester (UK) where she is working on various long-term, social documentary projects. 

Alongside this, she is working to digitise her late grandfather's - M.J Burgess - archive of photographs,
a selection of which can be viewed through this website. 

She is open for projects and commissions. For print sales and enquiries please contact via the email below.


Ethel Susan Jones Fine Arts Travelling Scholarship, 2021
Bickerton-Widdowson Trust Memorial Scholarship, 2021
Grant Lingard Scholarship, 2016 


'Featured @ fair trader', Fair Trader, 32-34 Huddersfield Road, Holmfirth, September 2023.
'Homes of Holmfirth', Holmfirth Artweek, July 2023.
'Saltaire Arts Taril 2023', Saltaire, Bradford, June 2023.
'Between within', Gallery Frank, Ebor Studio, Littleborough, April 2023. 
'Homes of Holmfirth', Holmfirth Tech, West Yorkshire, April 2023.
'From the Edge 2', Touchstones Museum, Greater Manchester, Aug 2022. 
'This is to remind you where you came from', Ilam Campus Gallery, Christchurch, Aug 2021. 
'Contested Spaces', In Situ Gallery, Christchurch, Apr - May 2016.
'Te Pataka a Rakaihautu - Stories of Banks Peninsula', 50 Works Gallery, Christchurch, Sept - Oct 2016. 
'Ko to whanga ko au; Ko au ko te whanga', Lytel Gallery, Christchurch, May 2016. 
'Living within the Land' - Gallery 464, Christchurch, Dec 2015.



instagram: _ellie_waters
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